The good news is that there’s always a solution to every problem. Digital billboards can be placed on subways or train stations. They could also be placed on buses for Digital Bus Advertising. The billboards will be smaller but at least they won’t be harmful to anybody. Placing ads on transit systems will also generate more exposure than ads placed on highways since there will be a lot of commuters using the public vehicles. With this platform, the ad message is taken to where the people are. Media advertising agencies, like SMRT Media, provides a lot of Digital Media platforms. It also offers one of the largest outdoor advertising solutions in Singapore by making use of its wide network system.

Vinyl boards are the most recent, cost-effective method of billboard advertising.(Digital billboards are quickly catching on though.) These types of billboards relate with eye-catching colour, a resilient lifetime and beautiful graphics/ artwork. Vinyl billboards has a much brighter appearance, which are more attractive than conventional billboards. They are typically sprayed-painted with an UV protective paint - and can last for years. There is a slight possibility of the wind getting under and rippling them, since they are not stuck to the surface but simply attached to the edges. In my opinion, the vinyl billboards contribute most to the modern billboard advertising effectiveness, with digital billboards coming in at a close second.

The megastar believes that Kho was referring to her controversial Marie France billboard. Kho has already made a denial that he was referring to Cuneta's billboard. Kho said Cuneta's statement was “quite a wounding tirade from someone I respect. Ironic, really. Very ironic.”

A cash lump sum payment could be used to pay off your debts, paying for your children's college tuition, buying a new home or even investing in another property. Many advantages exist to receiving your lease payments as a lump sum cash payment. Most Pennsylvania billboard landlords are not aware this option exists for them.  

It is a large advertising method for promoting different areas of products, people and companies. It includes outdoor advertising structure called a billboard placed in high traffic areas. Businesses and their products can thus be promoted to both pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Many types of billboards like mechanical billboards, digital billboards, and mobile billboards are used throughout the world.